Fragmentals* (walking and drawing)

This is a draft version of a piece of work that started with a walk. It’s a collection of fragments including: a line drawing, drawings from observation and short texts by me and others.

The line drawings were made while I walked, by slowly pushing a pen away from me, up a folded sheet of cartridge paper held in my left hand. The lines wobble as I move, and the ground beneath my feet makes me wobble.

The drawings from observation are of stones and mountains, ‘As the great extreme of dimension is sublime, so the last extreme of littleness is in some measure sublime likewise’ (Edmund Burke). The texts (Ham-Mountain walk texts) are mainly descriptions of what has happened at some moment, or over extended time.

Each of these images and texts is a record of me paying attention. They stand for a moment of focus. Combined, this is a cluster of subjective, unreliable records of my passing by, my looking, and my thinking.

*Fragmentals is a geological term ‘for rocks and shales that are heterogenous, composed of more than one substance’ (Brian Dillon in Essayism).

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