64 Great Events of the 20th Century (a selection)

The selection of events in this piece is highly subjective, some might say unreliable. The piece comprises line drawings and captions based on images in the following book: The Automobile Association (1989) Illustrated London News Great Events of the 20th Century. London: Guild Publishing. Three selectors made this piece: The Illustrated London News, The Automobile… Continue reading 64 Great Events of the 20th Century (a selection)

Fragmentals* (walking and drawing)

This is a draft version of a piece of work that started with a walk. It's a collection of fragments including: a line drawing, drawings from observation and short texts by me and others. The line drawings were made while I walked, by slowly pushing a pen away from me, up a folded sheet of cartridge… Continue reading Fragmentals* (walking and drawing)

Grey Sketchbook 2 (video)

These images are stills from Grey Sketchbook 2 video (on Vimeo). The drawings in this sketchbook were done in February 2018, mostly while travelling around London. The text at the bottom of the pages are words I heard while doing the drawings, and sounds in the video are from recordings I made at the same… Continue reading Grey Sketchbook 2 (video)

Line drawing (return from Birmingham)

This drawing documents a train journey. I drew the vertical lines continuously as I travelled, drawing them freehand and trying to make them as straight as possible. I drew at a table, facing towards the back of the train. The wobbles in the lines correspond with movements that the train made as we traveled. They… Continue reading Line drawing (return from Birmingham)