Door movement drawings

These drawings* from 1998-9 are proposals for sculptures I never made. The sculptures would have been movements made solid; imagined movements of doors.

Figures 1. and 2. are based on the potential movement of a door in the corner of a studio I shared in Carpenters Road, London.

The movement in figure 1. is the swing of a door, along its upper horizontal edge, until it reaches a heating pipe above it, and can move no further.

In figure 2., the door swings by its left hand vertical edge, three times, along my drawing table. It completes a 90º swing, then another of 180º, when it reaches the corner of the table and almost completes a 270º swing, but is stopped short of this by the wall / window ledge.

Figure 3. represents a two-stage movement. The first stage is a swing up of 180º, hingeing on the door’s upper horizontal edge. The second stage is a swing along its right hand vertical edge, also of 180º.

*They are all pen and ink drawings on paper, approximately 30×40 cm.

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